Trick or Treat! Have a safe Halloween!

Color Contact Lenses

Halloween is a great time to put on your best costume and spend time with friends and family. However, adding cosmetic contact lenses is dangerous and can lead to blindness. Since the contact lenses aren’t dispensed by certified providers, the fit of the lens is not correct and can lead to corneal scratches and infection…

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Computer-related eye strain

Patients often mention that after prolonged computer use, their eyes feel tired and they may have a headache. This is often due to the proximity of the screen or dryness of the eyes. During tasks that require concentration, we tend to blink half as often as normal, allowing our eyes to dry out. Also, when…

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Reducing you cholesterol may reduce your risk of developing glaucoma

Blood Cells

A long-term review of a clinical database has shown that use of cholesterol-lowering drugs may reduce the long-term risk of developing primary open-angle glaucoma. The study evaluated about 700 patients over the course of 23 months. While a small sample and a short duration, the study showed that those who used statins, had a reduced…

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