Smoking and your eye health

No Smoking

We all know of the many side effects cigarette smoking has on our body. For your eyes specifically, smoking increases your risk for cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. The good news is that by stopping smoking, eventually, your risk for both returns to the level of non-smokers. Learn more about smoking and your eye health.

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Cholesterol Medications and AMD

Magnified Eye

Early research shows that some cholesterol lowering medications may also be protective in macular degeneration. While the research is in its very early stages – the promise of another means to reduce progression provides hope. Learn more about cholesterol and macular degeneration (AMD) Learn more about AMD

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Posterior capsular opacification (PCO)

Photo of Eye

Once you get your new glasses after cataract surgery, typically, your vision stays stable. Posterior capsular opacification – or development of a film behind the synthetic lens – occurs in 15-60% of patients within 2 years depending on the IOL material. This is treated with a simple laser (called a YAG laser) in your ophthalmologist’s…

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After cataract surgery

Once the surgery is done, the healing process begins right away. You’ll want to make sure to avoid getting water or dust directly in the eye and take all drops as prescribed. It may also be helpful to wear your shield at night to avoid inadvertently rubbing the eye during sleep. You may have some…

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