Everything You Should Know About Glaucoma Treatment Options

Getting diagnosed with glaucoma can be frightening, especially since there is not a cure for the eye disease. Fortunately, though, there are treatment options that stop glaucoma in its tracks. Your Glendale eye doctor might not be able to make the disease go away, but he or she can stop the progression. That way, you can live a great life even if you have glaucoma. Check out your treatment options so you will know what to expect when dealing with glaucoma. Then, you will be able to fast track your treatment and prevent the disease from getting worse.

Eye Drops for Glaucoma

Eye drops are a common treatment option for people who are suffering from glaucoma. The eye drops are absorbed into your eyes and bloodstream and help regulate your eye pressure. The key is to make sure as much of the medicine is absorbed into your eyes as possible. You will notice some slight burning when you close your eyes, but it will go away shortly. In fact, the burning sensation will likely be gone by the time you open your eyes.

Prescription Medication

In many cases, eye drops are all that people need to manage their glaucoma. Sometimes, though, the eye drops fail to regulate the eye pressure. When that is the case, your eye doctor will prescribe medication. The pills reduce fluid production in the eyes, and they lower pressure. You must be careful about how they interact with your other medications. Your doctor will make sure that you can take the pills with your other medications.

Surgery for Glaucoma

If medication doesn’t prevent the glaucoma from progressing or if the side effects are too much to bear, you can undergo surgery. Laser surgery is a popular option. This painless procedure changes the eye’s drainage system to prevent the vision loss. There are various laser options available. Your eye doctor will go over your options and help you choose the right one.

Traditional surgery is another option. This also changes the eye’s drainage system in order to keep the condition from progressing. Surgery is typically very effective, and around half of patients can stop taking their glaucoma medications for quite some time after undergoing a procedure.

It’s important to note that you have a lot of traditional surgery options. Your eye doctor will need to look at your specific symptoms and needs when determining which one is right for you.

These are just some of your glaucoma treatment options. If you have glaucoma, you need to talk to your eye doctor to determine which option is right for you. Once you explore your options, you can begin getting the treatment you need for your glaucoma. Call our Glendale location today to schedule your appointment!

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