3 Signs You’re Ready For Cataract Surgery

Older man smiling after cataract surgery

If you are over 40, you may have cataracts and not even know it yet. This isn’t something that should alarm you though.

Cataracts are not dangerous and are actually very common. Everyone gets them as a result of getting older. Even better, they are easy to remove thanks to cataract surgery.

You may not realize it, but you don’t need to remove cataracts right after finding them. Keep reading for 3 signs that you’re ready for cataract surgery!

1. Cataracts Are Affecting Your Lifestyle

Cataracts affect your vision by blocking light from entering your eye. They form spots in your lens. These spots then cast shadows onto the retina.

Any light that does pass through the cataract is distorted. But cataracts are progressive. They begin as very small clumps of protein that have broken down inside the lens. This means the amount of light that they affect is tiny, at least at first.

In the beginning stages of having a cataract, you might not realize you even have cataracts. You might not even notice a difference in your vision.

Any differences in your vision usually occur when cataracts become larger and darker. Once this happens, you will probably start noticing classic signs of cataracts.

These include blurred vision, faded colors, double vision, and more. Even if you start experiencing some of these symptoms, you still might not need surgery yet.

Cataract surgery may become necessary once you start struggling to complete basic tasks. You may also realize that glasses no longer help you see.

Even though the procedure is well understood and safe, it still comes with risks. It’s better to avoid these risks until you absolutely have to.

2. You are Otherwise in Good Health

Certain factors may make cataract surgery risky. For example, if you have had any previous eye injuries, it may be harder to recover from the procedure.

This is also likely if you have any ongoing problems with your eyes. These are issues you need to address and have under control before getting any cataracts removed.

If you have any conditions like diabetes, you need to have your blood sugar at a stable level. If your blood sugar is unstable, it leads to increased recovery time.

3. Your Doctor Thinks It’s Time

Ultimately, the best way to know that it is time for your surgery is to set up an appointment at Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona. During your cataract screening, you will have your vision tested.

This is the only way that the doctor can make an informed recommendation for when to operate. These tests include internal and external examinations of the eyes, an interior optical pressure test, a dilated eye exam, and a visual acuity test.

You will also need to be prepared to give information on your medical history and family medical history.

Cataract surgery is elective, so you can decide when it is time, but you don’t need to do it alone. Join us and ask any questions you might have about cataracts or their removal!

Wondering if it’s time to have cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona in Glendale, AZ!

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