Will Insurance Cover My Glaucoma Procedure?

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Glaucoma is a serious medical condition that can slowly rob you of your sight forever. It is a condition that doesn’t have a cure.

Once glaucoma starts stealing your sight, it’s irreversible. If you want to stop glaucoma in its tracks before it begins, early diagnosis is key. Keep reading to find out if insurance covers glaucoma procedures!

Are Glaucoma Procedures Normally Covered?

Any damage due to glaucoma is permanent, so detecting it early is as important as starting treatment immediately. You can schedule regular eye appointments at Arizona Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

Due to elective procedures being available, many people assume that insurance won’t cover eye treatments. But many eye diseases, including glaucoma, are covered under most major health insurance programs.

Arizona Eye Physicians and Surgeons accepts most major insurances, as well as Medicare assignment. Don’t forget to bring your insurance card as well as a photo ID with you to every visit so we can verify your information!

What Happens With Glaucoma

Glaucoma destroys vision by damaging the optic nerve. The optic nerve connects your eye to your brain. It acts much like a cable that delivers electrical signals.

The damage your optic nerve takes is not from blunt trauma or sharp cutting, but from a slow but unceasing increase in pressure. This is what makes glaucoma so dangerous.

There is no way to repair the optic nerve. Damage to the optic nerve happens so slowly that it’s difficult to know it’s happening until it’s too late.

The pressure starts building when the meshwork in your eye that allows fluid to drain becomes partially blocked. As more fluid is produced, it becomes backed up.

Glaucoma is tested by testing the internal pressure of the eye. A sharp puff of air gets blown into the eyes via a specialized machine.

This machine is able to detect the resistance of the air and calculate how much force was needed to indent it. A higher than normal pressure suggests (but doesn’t always prove) the presence of glaucoma.

How Glaucoma Treatments Work

Glaucoma is usually stopped with the use of medication. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to reduce pressure quickly. Even after surgery, medication is still needed afterward to maintain healthy eye pressure.

Glaucoma medication comes in the form of eye drops. It works by either relaxing the muscles in the eye which allows fluid to flow freely, slowing the production of interior eye fluid, or both.

What works best for you will depend on a variety of factors including how your body responds to the medication.

To work well, glaucoma drops need to be regularly applied. Missing scheduled drops will cause your eye pressure to spike again, which can cause more damage. Supplementary medication may be taken orally, but will not replace the eye drops.

Even though glaucoma is a frightening eye condition, it is not hopeless. Be proactive with your eye health by attending regular checkups!

Concerned about glaucoma? Schedule an appointment at Arizona Eye Physicians and Surgeons in Scottsdale, AZ, and speak to one of our expert ophthalmologists!

Don’t wait if you suspect you may have glaucoma or another eye condition!

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