Am I More Likely To Get Glaucoma If I’ve Had LASIK?

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LASIK is a surgery designed for people with refractive errors to achieve clear vision. It has a great track record in helping people do.

It’s no coincidence that the procedure has a 96% satisfaction rate with patients! But like with any surgical procedure, there are still risks when you have LASIK.

Injury after LASIK can occur if you don’t follow instructions for recovery. You will be more likely to develop an infection for a few weeks after the surgery.

But can LASIK cause more permanent and debilitating conditions such as glaucoma? The simple answer is generally, no.

There is a small correlation between glaucoma patients and LASIK recipients, but it’s not because LASIK causes it. It has to do with the fact that glaucoma is more likely to develop in someone from severe or nearsightedness.

Patients that seek out LASIK are generally doing so to treat problems like myopia, so LASIK is not the direct cause.

In people who are already susceptible to glaucoma, LASIK may have somewhat of an impact. To understand why you need to know a little bit about glaucoma and how LASIK works.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma occurs when pressure inside of the eye builds up to a damaging level. Increased interior eye pressure harms the optic nerve.

This nerve connects the eye to the brain through a series of complicated and sensitive nerve fibers. These send information that’s gathered from the retina.

With current technology, damage to the optic nerve cannot be undone. Any eyesight lost from glaucoma is permanently gone.

To stop the condition from progressing, glaucoma patients must take medication daily. It is also incredibly difficult to detect glaucoma, even with professional guidance.

The best way to avoid vision loss is by booking regular eye appointments. You can start with us in Glendale, AZ by signing up today!

LASIK and Glaucoma

During LASIK, the surgeon creates a flap in the cornea. This allows for the necessary corrections.

By reshaping the cornea, light is able to pass through and focus directly onto the retina. But to patients that are vulnerable to glaucoma and may have even begun increasing eye pressure, LASIK can exacerbate the issue.

While the corneal flap is being created, suction is used to stabilize the eye. This force can cause a temporary spike in eye pressure. This is harmless for most people, but can cause damage to the optic nerve for people with weaker optic nerves.

During your LASIK consultation, you will go through all possible contraindications that would prevent you from having LASIK. Only after being cleared by your eye care specialist can you get LASIK.

Certain risk factors for glaucoma are taken into consideration during this consultation. This includes diabetes, smoking, and the use of certain medications.

Surgery can be scary, even for something as simple and predictable as LASIK. Wondering if you could have glaucoma?

Schedule an appointment at Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona in Scottsdale, AZ now! If you’re worried about glaucoma, it’s always better to have the answers sooner rather than later.

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