What Are The Best Questions To Ask Before An Eye Exam?

Older man smiling before an Eye Exam

Frequent eye exams are a must if you want to maintain healthy eyes. There are many different things that can go wrong with your vision.

They all have one thing in common: the sooner you know about them, the better. At Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Arizona, we are prepared to help you understand what you need to know about your vision.

Book an appointment today and ask us any questions you may have. Here are a few to get you started before your next eye exam with your eye doctor!

What Tests Will We Be Doing?

A comprehensive eye exam involves many unique tests to determine how healthy your vision is. Some tests, like the visual acuity test, are designed to give an idea of what your eyesight is like to your eye doctor.

Others are more specific, such as testing for glaucoma and other eye diseases. They may also focus on a particular part of your vision like depth perception or how well your eyes can track a moving object.

There are a lot of potential tests your doctor could perform on you during a comprehensive eye exam. These depend on various factors like your age and family history.

Knowing what tests will be performed will not only give you an idea of how long your appointment will take (most comprehensive eye exams last about 2 hours), but will also let you know what you may be at risk for. Of course, you will also be directly informed of what vision problems you are at risk for during the exam so you can better defend yourself against them.

How Can I Change My Lifestyle to Protect My Eyes?

A comprehensive eye exam is designed to give you information on the current state of your eyes. This will determine whether you need immediate treatment, or if you have any potential problems that need addressing.

But there is a lot you can do outside of seeing your eye doctor to maintain healthy vision. Diet, for example, has a surprisingly strong effect on your eyesight.

No, carrots aren’t the only food that contain nutrition useful for keeping eyes in good shape. The eyes need a balanced and varied supply of nutrients from foods like citrus fruits, nuts, and fish. Hydration is also very important to healthy eyes.

Besides diet and exercise, reducing or eliminating bad habits can reduce your risk of an eye injury or developing a disease. Overuse of screens, smoking, and being in direct sunlight without eye protection are some things that you can change right away.

Making these changes can help you keep your eyes healthy for a long time to come!

When Should I Come Back?

Setting up a return visit as soon as possible so you don’t forget is a good idea. A patient with healthy eyes should plan on visiting the eye doctor once every two years, or annually if you are older.

Can’t remember the last time you saw your eye doctor or had an eye exam? There’s no time like the present to fix this! Schedule an appointment at Arizona Eye Physicians & Surgeons in Glendale, AZ to discuss your eye care needs!

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