Do Toric Lenses Correct Astigmatism?

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Intraocular lenses, or IOLs, are tiny devices that replace the natural lens in your eye when you have cataracts. If you have cataracts, IOLs can improve your vision.

The most basic form of IOLs are monofocal IOLs. They only clear provide vision at one singular distance, either near or far. This means you will need reading glasses if you choose a farsighted IOL.

If you select a nearsighted IOL, you will need driving glasses. Keep reading to find out if toric lenses correct astigmatism!

What Kind of IOL Is Right For Me?

If you want to invest in your eyesight, you can buy a set of premium IOLs. These can give you clear vision at near, far, and mid-range distances.

They come in a few different varieties, including monofocal, multifocal, and accommodating lenses. Multifocal IOLs work in much the same way that bifocal glasses work.

There are “zones” in the lens that expand your range of vision. After some time acclimating to them, your sight could be better than it has ever been!

Accommodating IOLs can have equally impressive results. But they function differently than multifocal IOLs.

Accommodating IOLs do not focus light like multifocal IOLs. Instead, they are flexible and change shape like your natural lenses. They flex inside your eye by using the muscles you have in your eyes. This can result in smoother transitions.

The downside to these IOLs is that they do not help the large group of people who has astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, what can you do?

What are Toric Lenses and How Do They Work?

Astigmatism is different from nearsightedness or farsightedness. Many eye problems stem from eyes that are too flat or too pointed.

But astigmatic eyes are uneven and distinctive from person to person. Because of this monofocal, multifocal, and accommodating IOLs do not help with astigmatism. Toric lenses solve this problem.

Toric lenses are based on the patient’s specific corneal shape. The refractive power changes as you move along the surface of the lens. In comparison, standard lenses have a balanced prescription throughout the lens.

Toric lenses must sit in a specific way to match the patient’s custom vision needs. This extra customization does affect the price, but the results speak for themselves.

Not interested in surgery to fix your astigmatism? Not a problem. You can also have toric contact lenses made for your eyes. They function similarly but sit on top of your eye rather than replace your lens.

Toric lenses are a bit trickier to put in than standard lenses. They need to land in exactly the right position to align with your eyes. To make this easy, they have alignment markers to guide you.

Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona in Scottsdale, AZ are here to help you overcome your astigmatism and remove your cataracts at the same time. Set up an appointment today with one of our eye doctors!

If you have cataracts and astigmatism, choosing a toric lens is a simple way to give yourself the clear vision you’ve always wanted!

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