Follow These Tips by the AAO For Fireworks Safety This Holiday

The countdown is on for the Fourth of July celebrations! Many people are beginning to look forward to having a barbecue with friends and family, enjoying the pool, or watching firework shows. 

Fireworks are a fun and exciting way to celebrate Independence Day. However, there are many inherent risks that come along with lighting fireworks and sparklers. 

In order to protect your eyes and eyesight from potential harm, it is essential that you take precautions. At Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Arizona, we want to make sure that you know all of the facts so you can prepare for safety and fun this summer holiday.

Keep these tips from the American Academy of Ophthalmology in mind when celebrating this Fourth of July!

From cuts and bruises to damaged corneas, retinas and ruptured eyeballs, ophthalmologists treat thousands of people every year who suffer fireworks-related injuries.
Just because a firework is legal, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Sparklers seem like harmless fun for the kids, but they are responsible for about 1,400 eye injuries each year.
An average of 280 people a day will go to the emergency room with fireworks-related injuries during the two weeks before and after the July 4th holiday.
Keep a safe distance from fireworks. A recent study showed that 65 percent of victims were bystanders.
Don’t be a part of these alarming statistics. Protect yourself and your children.
Know what to do if you or someone else experience a fireworks injury. Be sure to seek medical care right away!

Visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology website for more information on how to keep your eyes healthy and vision safe this summer! If you have further questions, schedule an appointment at Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona in Glendale, AZ, today!

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