What If I Have Dry Eye and Cataracts?

It is not uncommon for patients to have both dry eye and cataracts at the same time. After all, both of their biggest risk factors are getting older. Cataract surgery involves incisions, meaning that eye tissue is cut. This can worsen a preexisting dry eye problem. Does that mean that you will be unable to…

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Eye Conditions Caused By Stress


Have you ever experienced an irritating eye twitch that just won’t seem to end? How about dry eyes or blurred vision? Have you ever thought that these issues could be caused by stress? It’s true, our eyes are an extension of our brain so whatever affects the various parts of our brain can actually interfere…

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Choosing wisely – punctal plugs for dry eyes


The final part of our Choosing Wisely campaign in conjunction with the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Board of Internal Medicine discusses dry eyes and its treatment options. For most patients, environmental modifications (sunglasses, avoid fans, humidifiers) and artificial tear supplementation is often enough – and is the best first step. The use…

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Omega 3 Fatty ACIDS and Dry eyes


A recent study showed that post-menopausal women with moderate-to-severe dry eyes may benefit from dietary supplementation with Omega 3 Fatty Acids. The study showed an improvement in tear film measurements commonly used to measure tear quality. Omega-3-fatty acids may be obtained as a supplement, in salmon (and other fish), walnuts, and chia seeds to name…

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Eating your way to healthy eyes

Fruits and Vegetables

Patients always ask me how they can change their diet to improve their eye health. While there hasn’t been any research to show that any particular foods improve vision, there are some foods that reduce the oxidant stress to the eye, and consequently may reduce the risk of developing long term eye issues, such as…

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