Exercise and Eye Health


Aerobic exercise is great for many health conditions, including retinal disease and glaucoma. Patients with diabetes can gain better control of their blood sugars through exercise, which will reduce the chance of development retinal problems in the future. Also, aerobic exercise lowers intraocular pressure and may reduce the risk of glaucoma. Learn more about exercise…

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Thinking of the Eye like a camera


If you think of the eye like a film-based camera, it helps to understand how the eye works. Light travels through the cornea (clear front surface) and lens and is then focused on the retina. The cornea and lens provide the focusing power of the eye, just as a lens does for a camera. The…

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Eating your way to healthy eyes

Fruits and Vegetables

Patients always ask me how they can change their diet to improve their eye health. While there hasn’t been any research to show that any particular foods improve vision, there are some foods that reduce the oxidant stress to the eye, and consequently may reduce the risk of developing long term eye issues, such as…

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