Save 60% or More on Your Eyedrops!

Eyedrops Are Too Big & You Pay for the Waste

Current eyedrop bottles dispense about 5 times the liquid your eye can absorb. Up to 80% of every drop is wasted due to overflow onto your cheek, or drainage by the tear ducts where the medication is absorbed into the rest of your body.

Nanodropper Makes Drops the Ideal Size for Your Eye

The Nanodropper is the only FDA-listed, volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles. By simply twisting the Nanodropper onto any bottle, you can reduce the drop size to just what your eye can absorb.

How Much Can I Save?

Nanodropper makes most bottles last 3x longer, eliminating the need for 2 refills. Use the formula below to estimate how much you could save:

SAVINGS = 2 x [current cost per bottle]

Rule of thumb: If your bottle costs $10 or more, the Nanodropper will pay for itself!