4 Tips For Picking An Eye Doctor

When you choose a healthcare provider, it is important that you do it well. A foundation of trust and communication is necessary, otherwise, a lot can go wrong. Anxiety over treatments may cause you to miss appointments. If you don’t have all the information you need or vice versa, it’s frustrating all around. The same…

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Are You At High Risk For Glaucoma?

For many reasons, glaucoma is one of the most frightening eye conditions out there. First of all, it causes permanent vision loss. The most common form of glaucoma has few symptoms until vision loss has already occurred. With all the bad news surrounding glaucoma, it can be difficult to have hope, but there is good…

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3 Ways To Improve Eye Care This New Year

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You should always be seeking to improve yourself. Many people use the new year as a way to start off with a “clean slate” – to begin building and growing. Usually, people will try to exercise more, read more, or learn a new skill. There is an unlimited number of ways for you to improve…

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