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Glendale Cataract Surgery

The only way to effectively treat cataracts is to remove them surgically. At Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona, we make sure your cataract surgery is as pleasant as possible.

The Cataract Surgery Process begins with a thorough eye exam, determining what intraocular lens (IOL) is right for you. Following surgery, the recovery process lasts for about a few weeks. After this, you will not develop another cataract!

Laser Cataract Surgery: Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona proudly offer Laser Cataract Surgery through Alcon’s LenSx laser, a state-of-the-art computer-controlled laser. This method allows for complete control over exact specifications and precise measures that would otherwise be impossible through traditional surgery standards.

The LenSx laser can also treat astigmatism, a condition where the eye’s surface is an oval shape instead of a round shape.

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery can also help by

  •  using less energy in the eye to remove the cataract
  • safe and efficient treatment for hard or mature cataracts
  • Effectively protects the lens capsule during surgery
  • Consistent implant placement

Glendale Ophthalmologists & Eye Doctors

The Eye Doctors at Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona offer a vast selection of eye care services that’s sure to cover all of your vision needs.

Our team of Ophthalmologists in Glendale, Arizona area make sure to bring you top of the line service for all of your eye care needs. With years of experience and an incredible team, our eye doctors proudly serve our clients throughout the Glendale area with personalized care.

We specialize in treatments for glaucoma, cataracts and routine eye care to make sure you keep your vision healthy. Setting up a routine eye exam is also important in diagnosing these disorders early so they can be easily managed in the future. Contact our Glendale office today!