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Scottsdale Cataract Surgery Options

Which IOL is right for me?

After an eye surgeon determines where your eye is the strongest, we choose an IOL that aims at a certain distance. An IOL is different from the eye’s natural lens, changing the focus point of its aim.

  • Near aim: for near-sighted patients or those who spend much of their time doing activities that require near vision.
  • Intermediate aim: recommended for patients who spend a decent amount of time at the computer.
  • Distance aim: For patients who want to see at an aimed distance without needing glasses.

For whatever IOL you decide on, you’ll probably need glasses for the other aiming activities. An example would be if you get an IOL for near distances, you’ll need glasses to see long distances or intermediate distances.

You may also choose monovision, where a tested “dominant eye” is set for distance and the other is set for near. Monovision may affect depth perception but allows the patient to be glasses-free without paying for premium IOL lenses. Monovision is recommended as best for patients who have already experienced this type of vision through glasses or contact lenses. Monovision will require an adaption period to get used to your new eyesight.

Are premium IOLs right for me?

  • Astigmatism-Correcting IOL’s (Toric IOL’s)
    • Counteracts astigmatism that exists in the cornea. Astigmatism caused by cataracts is treated by cataract surgery.
  • Multifocal IOL’s (Restor, Tennis Multifocal)
    • These lenses give patients the most excellent chance to live without glasses, as they have concentric rings which allow the eye to aim at distances from near to far. However, it produces side effects, including halos at night or glares.

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